DjMusic.com was born out of the frustration of having music on too many different devices and formats that either crashed, were lost or just stolen.

The inventor, a professional musician and technician, came up with idea one day when he couldn't find a music CD after looking through several hundred in his collection.
  Lightbulb moment!
  The aha moment hit him like a bolt of lightning. One cloud-based platform for all things music, make it browser based with no software to install, compatible with all devices new and old. DjMusic.com was born!

After developing a proof of concept model, IP patents were filed in 2005. It was so advanced the inventor had to wait for consumer smart phone hardware to be invented.
  Proof of Concept

When the first smart phones arrived the inventor went into a popular cell phone store and tried out his web based cloud music system on one of the stores flagship smart phones.

It just so happens, that phone was connected up to a subwoofer and speaker system, as the store demo unit.

When I navigated over to the hidden link that was on our servers, the first song just started playing throughout the store. No No No Don't Phunk with my Heart.

It was loud and everyone started rocking along. Within about 45 seconds one of the store clerks asked me, How is that music playing? That song is not in the smart phone.

I quickly shut it down, erased my foot print on the device and left the store with cheers of glory as the system I had invented years earlier worked perfectly on the first new generation of smart phones.




  DjMusic.com in 2017!

Fast forward to today, with five US granted patents in hand, it's time to launch DjMusic.com to the public.

DjMusic.com's browser based cloud system is incredibly user-friendly for all users. Whether you're a casual music listener, artist or group hoping to gain exposure and be the next big thing or a DJ looking for gigs, DjMusic.com's all things music cloud platform aims to deliver what you've been waiting for.

Clean and simple menus and compatibly with any devices. Whether you're 8 years old or 80 years old, you'll have no problems using our platform. Unlike other sites that change menus on a monthly basis, we guarantee we won't.

DjMusic.com is a US based company with patented Vdata cloud technology platforms, which allows users and creators of music to take control of their music.

Designed and built by musicians and music lovers. We know what we want.

  Personal Music History

The first personal music player was developed July 1, 1979, it was called the Walkman. This gave music users the control over their music needs. Creating music tapes for every occasion.

Throughout the years with all the different devices and formats developed there was one thing that has never changed.

This one thing has remained the same throughout the history of music. It was something common that people demanded! The end user was in control of what they wanted to listen to.

DjMusic.com lets you, the end user, control all of your music in one place and with one easy-to-use cloud format.

DjMusic.com brings you the very best virtual personal music player platform.




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